My Story

I'm Kyle, and I started KYLE Automotive Specialties in 2007 out of my love for Vanagons.

sittin-in-auswan.jpgMy first Vanagon found me in 1999.  It was a 1980 Westy I called Auswan.  On my first long road trip, I blew a valve seat due to high speed and high temperature.  I installed two new heads to get it back on the road and small quirks were still present.  After replacing most of the sensors, I looked to the Fuel Injection wiring harness as a possible culprit.  I called up my trusted parts guy and was told that a new harness was over $900.  I could not believe my ears.  Well, I did not go with a new harness, but did drop $150 on a used one that got me by for a while.  As I have torn down Vanagons through the years, I’ve always considered the FI harness like gold.

I had a love of VWs that started early…guess I should give it up to my parents for starting me off with a great first car.  The Christmas before my 16th birthday, I received this 1972 Super Beetle.  I still have it to this day.


I worked in the auto industry for more than a decade as a Technician at various dealerships in Wyoming, Colorado and Ohio.  My specialty has always been electrical troubleshooting.  I passed certifications in 2005 for SAE Master Technician with L1 and F1 endorsements.  I am GM Master Certified in Electrical/Electronic Systems.  In December 2014 I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Automated Manufacturing Engineering Technology from the University of Akron.

I have always felt the world brings elements into our lives that fit together in order to lead us to something greater.  My experiences have made it possible to build high-quality replacement wiring harnesses to help these special vehicles stay on the road.


Fast forward to the present...


KYLE Automotive Specialties has been in business for over 10 years and I continue to work with many van and bus owners from all over the world.  It makes me happy to think that my harnesses are powering your adventures…working with the vehicles that I love.  I found my first Syncro in 2011 and it has been with me ever since.  I was even able to get out and log over 10k miles behind the wheel in 2017.  That is what it's all about!!


I’m not going to stop now…I plan to develop many more products to address the needs of aging Volkswagens, one and all.  Thanks to all those currently running one of my harnesses.  Welcome everyone and I'm looking forward to helping you.



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